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About Me

Designer. Artist. Freelancer. Business Woman. Creative. Peanut Butter Enthusiast.


Versatility is my biggest strength.

I am experienced in many forms of design (and goofiness). If you have a specific style in mind, I can collaborate with you to make that happen. I interact with people well and place importance on close coordination with my clients. Working with me is simple and hassle-free.

It's your idea, let me help you bring it to life (and hopefully get a few laughs along the way)!


Cassie Florentin

I have been a working remote designer for almost 2 years now. I use web tools that allow me to effectively communicate and work with clients from all around the US and Internationally. From Canada to Japan and coast to coast covers just the beginning of places I have had clients.

Currently located just outside of Boise, ID.

Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado, I developed a very strong love for the outdoors. I find a great influence from nature and always try to find ways to take my work outside. My goofy and corky extrovert-ness makes me an approachable and relatable person. It allows me to have great client relationships, which is something I value. I love dancing, outdoor activities and people. I am always interested in doing and learning new things. I firmly believe that you can never stop learning or getting better in your profession.

My goal is to always work hard and be willing to take new direction and advice - and by extent, not take myself too seriously. Life is better when you’re living it and if I can help others do that by bringing their dreams and ideas to fruition - well that’s all I could ask for.

I also love peanut butter - and that's important.

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