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Athletics & Beyond

Athletics & Beyond is a non-profit organization in Denver, Colorado that is an on-going client. A&B’s mission is to increase and expand the educational trajectories of Denver students at-risk for high school and college in completion by creating opportunity through exposure. By using athletics to capture the attention of student athletes, A&B incorporates robust services that also provide participants with the opportunity to develop life skills, explore alternative careers, and have access to preparatory rigorous academic support. Services have included; logo creation, social media campaign and social media consolation/operation. All aspects and designs are by CassieFlo.

Career Exploration Logo

Athletics & Beyond approached CassieFlo to design a logo for their Career Exploration program that helps young adults succeed in life by providing support in choosing careers beyond sports. Below is the process CassieFlo went through to reach the final design solution.

CE logo 2-01.png
Final Logo

Final Logo

Through the process, the main points A&B wanted to address were:

  • Apprenticeship/mentoring/shadowing

  • Ancient and modern technology

  • Exploration/learning

  • Engineering/science/construction

  • A connection to their roots in Africa

  • Target audience: teens/young adults and businesses to join the apprenticeship part of the program


Mile High Shootout Social Media Campaign

The Mile High Shootout was A&B’s 7th Annual 7v7 Football Tournament and Career Fair. They needed a social media campaign to highlight the two-day regional-qualifier tournament that also showcased attractions for children, food, music, football and hosted a Career Pathways Resource Fair (highlighting construction and engineer companies The Flow Path and Kiewit).

Less than 2 months was the timeline given, so quick and efficient decisions were put in place. The theme, what social media platforms would be utilized, schedule and content (2 promo videos, player highlights, informative ads, a count down, game-day graphics and on-site event coverage) were all part of the campaign package. The goal was to increase the number of participating teams, increase interest and awareness of the Career Fair and gain local coverage through attendees and local news crews.

Twitter, Instagram & FaceBook posts.

Twitter, Instagram & FaceBook posts.

This was one of the 2 promo videos created. It recaps the tournament and highlights what Athletics & Beyond is trying to do for student athletes BEYOND the sport. All content was taken at the Mile High Shootout and belongs to CassieFlo. This video was edited using Adobe Premiere.

  • 6 in-state teams and 10 out-of-state teams participated. Serval of which, contacted the A&B Director personally to say that the social media posts were the final decision factor for joining.

  • Local news coverage by CBS Channel 4 - attracted by the marketing and branding of the event.

  • Increased social media reach and viewership by 3 times


Social Media Consultation/Operation

CassieFlo continues to operate parts of A&B’s social media with a focus on increasing awareness of events and activities provided for young adults and showcases the involvement of the youth in their program. There is also a goal of increasing the money inflow into the organization by using specifically targeted and designed posts.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts


Midge’s Middle C Piano and Vocal Studio

Midge is a professional pianist, vocal coach and teacher who started her own business, providing private piano and vocal lessons and workshops. She is as fun, spunky and animated as she is experienced and professional. It was important that her brand match her personality as it is a big part of how she teaches and the vibe in her classes and workshops. Services include; a logo, business cards and a website. All aspects and designs are by CassieFlo.


Midge’s Middle C Logo

A full brainstorming and exploration was executed to decide the name and the potential brand of the company. Like 90% of the work CassieFlo does, it starts on pen and paper before moving into the computer.


After going through multiple brainstorming exercises, the top possibilities were moved onto the computer and then further refined once the final idea was chosen.

Points we addressed for this logo:

  • Related to music

  • Fun/bubbly/light/playful

  • Mascot in logo

  • Clean/easy to read

  • Name of business - wanted to be clever but not cheesy

Final Logo

Final Logo

Mascots Dottie the Armadillo and Presto the Snail

Mascots Dottie the Armadillo and Presto the Snail


Business Cards


Carrying along with the theme of her brand, her business cards are playful and clean. The color pops to help stand out from other business cards.


Midge’s Middle C Website



Posters designed using Adobe Illustrator

A conceptual and theoretical Olympics rebrand. As part of the project, a logo was developed to promote the location and it's cultural feel. The poster design, app and environmental design are components that further advocate the nature of this event.

Behara logos and phone app - logo and app illustrations designed using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Behara wall mural - designed using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop


CSU Volleyball Recruiting Booklet

Cassie conceptualized, designed and directed the production of CSU volleyball's 44 page recruiting booklet. The pages contain information about the team, staff, Fort Collins, Colorado State, team statistics and other visual graphics.

The first edition was entirely Cassie’s conception. The second edition, was a team effort, with a design intern working under her.


The Art of Coaching & CSU Athletics

This is a small sample of the large scale amount of content Cassie did at The Art of Coaching Volleyball, CSU volleyball and CSU Athletic Marketing Department. At CSU, this ranged from website graphics to promotional concepts to camp posters and flyers. At AOC, Cassie was responsible for the development of video thumbnails, building their social media and designing assets for site promotions and holiday sales. She worked on a marketing team to develop these promotions and sales.


C&C Painting, LLC Logo & Mailer

This client's business is primarily house painting. Their business is founded on being on-time, craftsmanship and innovation. The logo needed to be clean but stand out from "typical" painting business logos. Part of that unique innovation comes from using the ampersand as the window of the house silhouette. Created using Adobe Illustrator. All aspects and designs are by CassieFlo.

CassieFlo continues to work directly with C&C Painting on various projects. Below is an example of a mailer created for them:

Front of mailer

Back of mailer


Rethink The Talk

Rethink The Talk is a self driven, conceptual, non-profit organization aimed at increasing the awareness of sex and STD education among youth. Assets developed for this non-profit included a logo, a website presence and a video PSA to serve as an outline for possible video clips.

Process work - Cassie did extensive research on STDs and their statistics in the US as well as parent-child relationships. Due to the highly sensitive subject, she focused her question on, how do children/teens receive information? That helped drive not only the message but how the message was to be presented.

Here is the hypothetical website landing page with the concept that this would become a tool that parents and kids could use as an aid


5200 Days In Space

A self-driven project: an illustration focusing on the representation of the article, "5,200 Days in Space," and following the systematics of the magazine The Atlantic. This included explorations with colored markers, digital editing and print layout.


Event Posters & Business Flyers

Event posters and business flyers for various organizations at Colorado State University, the Air Force, small businesses and more. Rendered using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. All aspects and designs by CassieFlo.


The FlowPath, Inc. Logo


The FlowPath is an engineering consultant business with a belief in the sustainable use of natural resources and driven by the health of the environment. With a Professional Engineer as Vice President, they specialize in work from hydrology/hydraulics and mine reclamation to wetland mitigation and river restoration. 

This small-feel, family-owned business aims at doing big/innovative things. The logo is designed to feel big in impact but still give that small-family vibe. 

Materials included: Pen, Marker, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. All aspects and design by CassieFlo.


Newspaper Spread

Mockup: <a href="">Mockup psd created by Zlatko_plamenov -</a>

Mockup: <a href="">Mockup psd created by Zlatko_plamenov -</a>

A self-driven project: an illustration focusing on the origin of the letter 'C' and following the systematics of the newspaper, The New York Times. This included explorations with ball-point pen, digital editing and print layout. The camels and timeline are both free-handed. 

Materials included: Pen, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. All aspects and design by CassieFlo.


Back Cut Forestry Rebrand


This client essentially did not have much of a logo for his forestry business. He wanted his logo to be clear and simple while incorporating the nature of his business. Designed in Adobe Illustrator, an elegant tree-based logo with a bold type face was chosen. All aspects and design by CassieFlo.